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Life Republic | Township Project near Hijewadi Pune

Republic, the word has its origins in the Latin word “res publica” which literally translates as “public matter”. The republic is a democratic setup built on fair values of equality, freedom, pluralism, civil liberties, human rights and more. Taking an inspiration from these noble principles, we have designed the meaningful way of life that you will experience at Life Republic.

For instance, a Zonal Authority will be instituted to look after the day to day management and maintenance of all the facilities and common areas of the community.

The Zonal Authority will act as a quasi Municipal Corporation and will work round the clock to ensure all your basic civic needs (such as potable water and electricity all through the year, responsible garbage disposal system) are met on time. The authority will also be responsible for basic safety and security; security against fire and law and order for which local fire and police stations will be established.

In addition to this, we have plans to chart out a Code of Ethics, a basic charter on the community’s belief on matters such as quality of life, privacy, cleanliness of the surroundings, upkeep of the common amenities will be mapped out for each resident to follow diligently.

For instance, the charter will ensure this is that community where spitting and littering are a no-no and giving right of way to pedestrians, a big yes.

Or this is that community that shares basic resources like bicycles, shopping bags, umbrellas, tool kits, launderettes and more with your neighbours.



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The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number R1 – P52100002646, R2 – P52100002682 & R16 – P52100009640
and is available on the website under registered projects