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The biggest bane of growing up in an urban setup is the lack of playgrounds and sports infrastructure. The innate urge to play outdoors often leads children to negotiate space at the sides of busy roads or in smaller lanes.


At Life Republic, we make no compromises when it comes to playgrounds. Large, uninterrupted play areas are one of the first things you can expect here. In addition to that, each cluster will be built on a podium with landscaped and open spaces for children to play. No cars will be allowed on the podium so the safety of your children is ensured.

Sports Academies

For children with a burning passion for sports, we have plans to install dedicated sports academies for each of the high-in-demand sports such as football, tennis, cricket, and badminton.

We are looking at tie-ups with renowned national and international academies so your children get top-notch training and guidance from the best mentors in the industry. Not just that but to provide you with the excellent sports equipments across the world we would also have a sports galleria retail just few minutes away from your home.


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The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number R1 – P52100002646, R2 – P52100002682 & R16 – P52100009640
and is available on the website under registered projects