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At Life Republic, we have taken efforts to secure the health of each and every individual within the township. And by health, we mean both mental as well as physical health. With facilities like medical centres, well-equipped hospitals, meditation centres etc. close to your house we take care that you always stay fit and enjoy your life to the fullest.

Medical care center

Life Republic has 2 eminent hospitals in close proximity and besides that, within the community there will be a full-fledged medical care centre to take care of any emergency, should it arise.

Multifaith Meditation centre

Since the only religion we seek to encourage at Life Republic is a peaceful and meaningful way of life, a multifaith meditation centre seems a perfect addition. The meditation centre will be a vast, open uninterrupted space that allows your mind to wander freely only to come to a stillness you have been always seeking. The dome shaped structure covered with lush green on the outside and skylights for natural light to trickle in will lend an aura of calm to the surroundings around it.

Cycling & Walking Tracks

One of the central thoughts behind the design of Life Republic is to bring people out of their homes ever so often to explore the outdoors, and while at it foster the spirit of community living. Just why the community is designed replete with lush inviting pathways for walking, cycling and jogging. Heck, even for your dog-walking.


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The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number R1 – P52100002646, R2 – P52100002682 & R16 – P52100009640
and is available on the website under registered projects