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At Life Republic, we have taken care that you are blessed with the best life has to offer. Including world’s best brands, delectable cuisines and a lot more.

Highstreet and Mall

A plush mall is an essential city comfort. It’s a place to hang out, a place to shop, dine, browse, watch a movie or just lazily sip a coffee and enjoy life’s little joys and pleasures. At Life Republic, we intend to go a step further and make the mall a destination by inviting the best fashion and lifestyle brands to open their exclusive boutiques in the lavish highstreet.

In addition to this, there will be gourmet restaurants, international coffee chains, health and wellness stores, lounge bars, a spa and a fitness centre as well.

Warehouse Shopping

Essential shopping closer home is one thing but warehouse shopping is quite another. At Life Republic, we are determined to bring to you more than you expect. Warehouse shopping enables you to buy everything you need and a lot lot more at discounted prices. So you will never have to go elsewhere for any of your shopping needs. Not just that but now your gourmet market and essential shopping too, is just next door.


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The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number R1 – P52100002646, R2 – P52100002682 & R16 – P52100009640
and is available on the website under registered projects