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Art Amenities at Life Republic

Art is essentially the affirmation, the blessing, and the deification of existence, once said a famous philosopher. Nothing can be more true than that. At Life Republic, it has been our constant effort to encourage art in every form. Be it the inspiring civic art at prominent junctions and circles or the fine art pieces on display at the art promenade or the riveting performances at the performance art theatre.

Civic art

Man, art and buildings have been together since time immemorial. Only the expression evolves. In ancient time, temples and other religious structures and symbols made up civic art, today new age symbols and designs do. Civic art today also becomes an expression of civic life. It defines a community’s culture, conveys its values and humanity, inspires ambition, and opens up minds.

At Life Republic, the city centre and the various town circles and junctions serve as perfect opportunities for civic art. The art piece at the city centre will be the most vital as it will also serve as a landmark for the residents and outsiders.

Art promenade

Overlooking a serene lake, dotted with streetside cafes, fine diner restaurants and food courts, the art promenade will be the perfect place for budding artists to showcase their talent.

There will be dedicated spaces set aside for cultural activities such as street theatres, art competitions, debates and such like.

Performance art

When we talk of art, performance art cannot be left behind. So at Life Republic, we plan to build two performance art pivots – one, a big capacity auditorium for closed door plays, musical recitals, dance performances and such like and two, an open-air amphitheatre for a casual yet meaningful setting that can serve to be the ideal initiation in the world of performance for the yet unconverted.


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The project has been registered via MahaRERA registration number R1 – P52100002646, R2 – P52100002682 & R16 – P52100009640
and is available on the website under registered projects